Keeping Animal Rescues Funded

Rockin 4 Rescues is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the health, well-being and safety of animals across the United states. Our main goal focuses on Keeping Animal Rescues Funded. We provide emergency funds for medical, food, boarding for homeless animals, and any other needs to better their lives. Rockin 4 Rescues enables rescues to concentrate on saving more lives while we aim to alleviate their financial burden.



Meet Sesi ~ Social Butterfly & Pretty

Likes to sit on people's laps, hug, kiss, take naps, chew bones and... did I mention take naps?

This is the sweetest young girl you will ever meet!  When her eyes meet your's, it's like she is looking into your soul.  We rescued her in Dec. 2008 while living in Chicago.  She had been left, tied to a fence, with a note saying they couldn't take care of her.  Someone found her and took her to Project Rescue Chicago.  She was the 2nd addition to our family.

The rescue we adopted her from was just starting out and we wanted to do something to help them so we did our very first fundraiser in 2009, raising around $2000 at a party in our home.  6 years later, we are still doing fundraisers and, as of June 12, 2015, we are officially a 501c3 non-profit organization.

We have made it our life's mission to help keep animal rescues funded.


Meet Mater ~ First Born ~ Golden Child ~ Head of Security

Likes to run, bark, play ball, chew bones and swim

I'll never forget the day we rescued this handsome boy.  It was October 20, 2007 in Las Vegas.  My husband was broadcasting from a parking lot during an animal rescue event.  I saw a little white dog, curled up and sleeping in a cage.  He had a black spot on his back that looked like a star.  I went over, picked him up and held him the entire day until my husband was off work.  We brought him home and that day changed our lives forever.

Mater not only made me a better person, he taught me the true meaning of unconditional love.  I will be forever grateful for the path this little fur-ball put us on.  We have dedicated our lives to help animal rescues to stay funded through the sale of merchandise and fundraising events so dogs like Mater can get a chance to have the life they deserve.


Shrimpy Doodle

Meet Shrimpy Doodle ~ Chewer ~ Quality Control Manager & Begging Specialist

Likes to chew up everything, run, play ball, do the wiggle-wiggle dance, jump on your head while sleeping, and hang out in the kitchen.  He also has many heated conversations with his foot.

Shrimpy Doodle is the 3rd addition to our family.  We rescued him April 27th, 2014 in the Oleans Hotel parking lot in Las Vegas, during the No Kill Las Vegas Rally against the local kill shelter.  There was a lady walking around with this little pup, who was trying to find a home for him.  We started talking and the next thing you know, we have a new pup!  Thank you Debbie Hiltner for bringing Shrimpy Doodle into our lives.  He's a character to say the least.  I don't think a day goes by that he doesn't make us laugh.

He has chewed up our couch, pillows and clothing.  He keeps us up late at night arguing with his foot.  He jumps on our heads at the crack of dawn to wake us up.  I wouldn't trade the laughter he's brought us for the world.  After a little over a year, he's finally slowed down on the chewing.

Buttercup - The newest member of the band